The Peanut Gallery is a screenplay I wrote about a hip-hop music video director who comes out of the closet, based on my experience in the music video industry during the aughts

In 2012 one scene was produced from the script, the coming out scene to the mom character. I asked my mom to star in the clip.

From writing, to fundraising to production, The Peanut Gallery was a learning process for me. While this film may never go into production, rest assured you will see many more films from me in the near future.

No heckles please in The Peanut Gallery,

Eric Hsu

The Peanut Gallery presented to you by:

Carole Lee Dean

Weifang Hsu

Elliott Jung Lieu

Todd Masonis

Jonathan Lai

Yinling Sung

Simeon Lee

Roger Yu

Adonia Hsu

Michael Nicholas

Amber Padilla

Daniel Lee

Eric Lylis

Daniel Kim

Justin A Chortie

Martin Hsu

Suzanne Yong-Sellers

Jancy Liu

Amy Nicholas

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Barry Hamaguchi

Spencer Morrissey


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Crystal Meza

Thomas Chan

Tommy Lei

Cindy Mai

Cheryl Uyeda


Special Thanks To:

Carole Dean and From The Heart Productions

Britt Penrod at Raleigh Studios

Anthony at Los Angeles Printing Center

Natalie Sakai at Contagious LA

Nathan Hayashigawa at Raleigh Studios

Lindsey Pearsall

Jes Vu

David Valdez


My Dad who made tea and coffee, got lunch and reigned in the dog

Sponsored By:

LA Printing StudiosMJ'sfrom the heart productions
Rat Race ProductionsRaleigh Studios


Director of Photography

Ray Huang

Assistant Director

Elaine Chu


Gerry/Polinsky/Rat Race Productions


Ron Gautreau


Sam Leonard

Sound Mixing:

Aaron Sandler

Jeff Pace


The Peanut Gallery Demo was shot in West Hartford, CT and Los Angeles CA in 2011 and 2012

“Mom” Performed by

Ying-Ai Hsu

“Louie” Performed by

Eric Hsu

Written, Directed and Produced by

Eric Hsu